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RGX LED display factory Annual meeting closing ceremony


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It's been a hard year, I'd like to say hello to you and your family, and wish you a happy New Year!In the past year, RGX has achieved the best results ever, exceeding the tasks expected at the beginning of the year. We have built a group of contemporary, beautiful LED screen scenery for the world, they have become the highlights of the city, attracting countless love of life, advocating beauty of the people's eyes, has been praised by everyone, and to a group of companies and individuals to provide a workplace. I feel as much for these achievements as you do Proud and proud.

I am as proud and proud of these achievements as everyone else. These sales results and LED product design achievements are the result of the hard work of every colleague in the company, and the fruit of pouring out with their own heart and sweat. In this process, we have overcome numerous difficulties and endured many tests, even very difficult ones. But these difficulties and tests let each of us, each department's spiritual quality is growing, let us be more honest, more responsible, more service-oriented, more united, let us know the mystery between pay and gain. Walking into our office, walking into each of our construction sites, seeing the smiling faces of every colleague, dedicated, professional working attitude and spirit, will not simply think that this is just for the completion of profit indicators, just the completion of an LED giant screen, and behind this must be the growth and progress of the spirit and soul. The sales results and product development achievements in 2024 are the result of the hard work of every colleague in the company.

Over the past year, the progress of our company and each colleague cannot be separated from the support of our customers, the support and cooperation of hundreds of cooperative units, and the hard work and efforts of nearly 10,000 workers. We are just a part and a link in this great project and engineering. Unity and cooperation is the most important characteristic of this age, one of the virtues we must practice and improve, and the most important virtue. Here to cooperate with all units, respected friends, and nearly ten thousand workers to extend holiday greetings, to everyone!

When we ask what the nature of man is, the answer is spiritual, it is soul. When we ask what the foundation of our business is, the answer is the virtues of honesty, solidarity, and innovation. This is our constant pursuit, the foundation on which we build buildings and create material wealth, and the standard that guides our every decision, every word, and every action. Honesty, unity. Innovation is our corporate culture, here with everyone!

Finally, I wish all colleagues growth, progress and happiness in 2024!