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High quality P4.0mm Outdoor Led Display is offered by China manufacturers RGXLED. Buy P4.0mm Outdoor Led Display which is of high quality directly with low price.
From the purchasing of the raw material to manufacturing, assembling, testing, we carry out every step one by one according to the ISO9001:2000 international quality control system strictly to guarantee the quality.
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Outdoor Big Advertising Led Screen

Outdoor Big Advertising Led Screen

RGXLED is a leading China Outdoor Big Advertising Led Screen manufacturers, suppliers and exporter. RGX(prevision) premier video displays, provide the ultimate in flexibility thanks to unlimited content options as well as displays of any shape or size. Designed for unrivaled reliability, the product features completely sealed inputs and outputs as well as an enclosed module rear to prevent damage to the module itself. An advanced louver design masks display seams between modules, resulting in deeper and sharper images that are only available from the leader in LED video.

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As a professional China P4.0mm Outdoor Led Display manufacturers and suppliers, customized P4.0mm Outdoor Led Display made in China can be bought at cheap price or low price. Our products are in stock. Welcome to our factory for wholesale.