There are many ways to install the pillar LED display, which is generally used for outdoor advertising, as follows:

1) single pillar installation: suitable for small screen applications

2) dual-pillar installation: applicable to large screen applications

3) closed maintenance channel: suitable for simple box body

4) open maintenance channel: applicable to standard box body.

What video shows is the first single-pillar installation, which is suitable for places with wide vision and relatively empty surroundings, such as squares and parking lots.

In addition to making steel structures, concrete or steel pillar are also needed, mainly considering the condition of ground foundation.

Its advantage is that the geographical location can be chosen in a wide range, the time of information transmission can be set freely, the playing form is diverse, the visual impact of the picture is strong and the installation is fast and convenient, and the labor cost and construction time required are relatively small.

As the pillar LED display is light in head, there will be some security risks after a period of use. Therefore, the main structure of LED electronic screen must be inspected and maintained regularly to ensure safety.

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