On March 15th, under the organization of the personnel department, administrative department, business department, technical department, marketing department and general manager’s office department, the theme of “Reliable Purchasing Quality Escort” 2019 Annual Commemorative “3·15” International Consumer Rights The symposium was held at the RGX Dongguan Songshan Lake production base.

This symposium emphasized the need to strengthen credit awareness, innovate rights protection mechanisms, earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of buyers, and strive to create topics such as a safe and secure consumer environment.

Finally, the general manager of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, in response to the characteristics of the current international trade environment, specifically proposes to ensure that every buyer can purchase high-quality, cost-effective products at RGX and enjoy high-quality pre-sales, sales and After sales service.

 —Shenzhen RGX Electronics Co., Ltd

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