All RGX employees in all departments:

In accordance with the state regulations, in conjunction with the company’s actual situation, the company’s research decision, the 2019 National Day holiday arrangements are now notified as follows:

First, the holiday schedule: from October 1 to October 5, a total of 5 days, October 1 to October 3 is a legal holiday, October 4 (Friday) September 29 (Sunday). On October 5th (Saturday) and October 6th (Sunday), all staff will start working normally on October 6. The production workshop will arrange for overtime work on October 4 and 5 according to the actual production situation.

Second, holiday requirements:

Before the holiday, the departments arranged their own cleanliness to ensure that the doors, windows, water and points were closed. Be safe and preventive, and beware of accidents so that everyone can have a safe and carefree holiday.


I wish all my colleagues:

Happy holidays, good luck!

—RGX Personnel Department

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