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Which is the best domestic LED display manufacturer?


Which is the best domestic LED display manufacturer? There are many LED display manufacturers in China, and the quality varies. Because LED display plays a vital role, consumers are afraid to be sloppy and want to find a suitable and reliable manufacturer. To meet your own needs, if you want to know which manufacturer is the best LED display, you must first have a preliminary understanding of this product, so that you can better distinguish the quality of the manufacturer. 

The luminous color and luminous efficiency of LEDs are related to the materials and processes used to make LEDs. At present, red, green and blue are widely used. Due to the low operating voltage of LEDs, they can actively emit light and have a certain brightness. 

The brightness can be adjusted by voltage. Impact resistance, vibration resistance, and long life, so there is no other display method that can match the LED display method in large-scale display equipment. Putting red and green LEDs together as a pixel is called a two-color screen or a color screen; putting red, green, and blue LED tubes together as a pixel is called a three-color screen or a full-color screen. 

The pixel size of the indoor LED display is generally 2-10 mm, and several LED chips that can produce different primary colors are often packaged into one. The pixel size of the outdoor LED display is mostly 12-26 mm. Each pixel is composed of a number of various single-color LEDs. The common finished product is called a pixel tube. The two-color pixel tube is generally composed of 3 red and 2 green, and the three-color pixel tube is composed of 2 red, 1 green, and 1 blue. Regardless of whether LEDs are used to make a single-color, two-color or three-color screen, to display an image, the luminous brightness of each LED that constitutes a pixel must be adjustable, and the fineness of the adjustment is the gray level of the display screen. The higher the gray level, the more delicate and colorful the displayed image, and the more complex the corresponding display control system. Generally, a 256-level grayscale image has a very soft color transition, while a 16-level grayscale color image has a very clear color transition boundary. Therefore, color LED displays are currently required to be made into 256-level grayscale. 

Features of LED display: A comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of LED displays is to choose a cost-effective LED display. Compared with other large-screen terminal displays, LED displays mainly have the following characteristics: High brightness: 

The colors are rich and bright, and the brightness of the outdoor display screen is greater than 8000mcd/m2, which is a large-scale display that can only be used outdoors all day long; Long life: LED life is up to 100,000 hours (ten years) or more; 

Large viewing angle: the indoor viewing angle can be greater than 160 degrees, and the outdoor viewing angle can be greater than 120 degrees; Modular structure: The screen area can be large or small, as small as less than one square meter, and as large as hundreds or thousands of square meters; 

easy to interface with the computer, support software rich, convenient and flexible operation, clear and stable picture. Display screen networking: Using a microcomputer, multiple display screens can be controlled to display different contents at the same time, and the display screens can also work offline. Both text and graphic images can be displayed, and the fonts and glyphs are varied. 

So which is the best domestic LED display manufacturer? Here we recommend three-core display for everyone.