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In which technical direction is the LED electronic screen developing?


In which technical direction is the LED electronic screen developing? LED electronic screens are constantly developing. Although there are many LED display manufacturers, the technology upgrade may be consistent. The future Shenzhen LED display has ultra-thin, high-output, LED display large-screen connection technology, and is becoming more and more mature. With the growth of LED electronic screens and the expansion of application fields, the understanding and understanding of LED electronic screens have become deeper and deeper, and the problems that were not known before are gradually revealed. At present, my country's LED display technology has the following technical problems: 

First, the problem of insufficient brightness. The main advantage of LED electronic screens is that they have strong adaptability to complex outdoor environments. As the characteristics of outdoor environments, LED electronic screens must ensure sufficient brightness to transmit information in sunny, cloudy, rainy, long-distance, and multi-view fields. Therefore, due to the insufficient brightness of LEDs, LEDs are currently only used as a supporting role in the lighting industry, mainly for decoration, and it is a greater challenge to use tens of thousands of LEDs at the same time. 

Second, the problem of LED chromatic aberration. A single LED is an application with few chromatic aberration issues, but when multiple LEDs are used at the same time, chromatic aberration issues are noticeable. Although there are technologies to improve this problem, due to the limitation of domestic technology and production level, there are still differences in the same placement of LEDs on the same color area, and because these differences are difficult to see with the naked eye, it is difficult to guarantee the color reproduction of LED electronic screens and fidelity. 

Third, LED electronic screen control chip. True color high-resolution LED electronic screen is a new display medium with clear image and high-performance playback function, so it has received more and more attention. For LED display equipment, the three-color LED core is the core equipment, so it is necessary to use a high-quality core with small wavelength and uniform brightness intensity. This technology is mainly used in the hands of world-renowned large enterprises, such as Japan's Nichia. 

Fourth, fever. Rapid temperature changes in the outdoor environment will generate specific heat when the LED electronic screen is running. If the ambient temperature is too high and the heat is poor, the integrated circuit may not work properly, or it may be burned, and the display system may not work properly. 

In any industry, wooden bottles will encounter technical problems, especially high-tech industries such as LED electronic screens. Three-core Display is always researching and innovating on LED electronic screens, facing and solving these problems, and promoting the development of the entire industry.

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