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Is the glass LED display really made of glass?


Is the glass LED display really made of glass? Glass LED display is also known as transparent glass screen. With the improvement of people's aesthetics and the production technology of LED display, glass screen is widely favored by the market because of its lightness, thinness, transparency and gorgeous and cool advantages. 

The name of the transparent LED display is to distinguish it from the traditional LED display, strip screen and LED transparent screen. The LED glass screen is made of two pieces of tempered glass to protect the built-in lamp beads at the front and back, which can replace our common glass and emit light for imaging.

Transparent LED display products are mainly used for indoor environment and curtain wall display, such as: large shopping malls, chain stores, company exhibition halls, hotel lobbies, glass curtain walls of commercial buildings, glass buildings, etc. Its unique high-transparency display technology is more than 90% high-transparency, concealed installation effect, luminous imaging display screen, does not affect the shape of the building, does not affect the advantages of indoor lighting, etc. When the screen does not emit light, it will not affect the overall appearance design and the lighting of the building. After the glass screen is lit, the glass becomes a transparent LED display, which can play graphics and videos. The brilliant colors make the glass screen itself display. The picture is vivid. 

In just a few years since the transparent LED display appeared on the market, the concept of transparent display has been widely promoted. Many products in the industry include transparent LED displays, fan screens, light bar screens, grille screens, projection screens, etc., following the name of the transparent display, leading to the rise of "transparent display". The glass LED display screen is a real replacement for common glass, and as a new generation of display products, not many manufacturers can actually produce it, so the glass LED display screen provides people with a broad creative space. Functional requirements can be customized.

The glass LED display is a new display carrier of Jingang Vision's minimally invasive. It has made targeted improvements to the SMD manufacturing process, lamp bead packaging and control system. The hollow design structure is adopted, and the permeability is greatly improved. Obstruction of sight lines to structural components is greatly reduced and perspective effects are maximized. At the same time, it also has a novel and unique display effect. No matter what angle we look at, we can see the image suspended on the glass curtain wall. 

The appearance of glass LED display not only integrates all the advantages of transparent LED display and LED display, but also eliminates the beauty and load-bearing of glass buildings to the greatest extent, perfectly solves the commonality of glass, and the use of glass screen overcomes the common Paper posters need the hassle of posting and replacing, and don't have the drawbacks of bulky, non-see-through and immutable ordinary glass LED displays and LCD screens.