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Precautions for on-site survey needs before sales of LED display


We all know that the LED display belongs to customized products, which is not the same as the general electronic consumer products. It is a simple business process, but involves the implementation of a whole set of system planning plans. From pre-sales planning including other related work to after-sales construction equipment and protection, businesses are required to complete many hours.

Let's share with us the matters needing attention in the field survey of LED display before sales:

1. Preparation before site investigation:

Before sailing, we need to communicate with users to understand their detailed requirements:

① Type and specification of display screen.

② Equipment environment.

③ Flash content and method.

④ Communication method.

2. Site survey contents:

① The wall condition, equipment method (inlay type, floor type, hanging type, wall-mounted type, support type, pillar type) and stress condition of the display equipment address. According to the detailed specifications of the display screen, identify whether there are obstacles blocking the display screen at the equipment site. In the case of embedded equipment, whether the reserved equipment slot is appropriate; If the wall has decorative partition, it is necessary to ask the user about the wall condition; In case of column screen equipment, it is necessary to understand the geological conditions. (If there is sediment at the bottom of the geological layer, it will cause the column and screen to sink or even collapse over a long period of time. Don't just skim the water.)

② Power supply condition on site. The capacity of the machine room or communication transformer, whether the cables need to be arranged from scratch, or whether the diameter of the arranged cables has reached the requirements; In case of single-phase power, whether there is grounding wire; If it is three-phase electricity, whether it is three-phase five-wire. If you need to wire from the beginning, you need to accurately measure the length of the power line on the site.

③ Understand the control direction of the display screen and whether the communication line is unblocked. The length of communication line required by the site, and whether there is any other equipment that needs to be connected to the display control terminal, may understand the switching method of the site signal channel; Assuming that users do not understand anything, at least they need to understand their use needs, especially theater users. If the user has already wired, ask whether the length and quantity of the wiring are appropriate; The length of Category V network cable used in the normal synchronization system should be less than 120 meters, and the length of non-Category V network cable should be lower; It is not necessary to increase the number of corresponding network cables. If it is too long, it is necessary to use appropriate optical cables. If it is less than 500 meters, it is necessary to use multimode optical fibers. If it is more than 500 meters, it is necessary to use single-mode optical fibers. No matter the network cable or the number of optical fiber, there must be standby.

④ Something you need to carry, such as a tape measure or laser ruler. Whether scaffold is needed or supplied by users. Whether the computer is supplied by the user.

⑤ The external environment of the site. Whether the equipment in the room needs to pay attention to moisture-proof, and whether the equipment in the outdoor needs to pay attention to the details of waterproof and lightning protection methods; Whether the location is close to the sea or the chemical plant, and the degree of salt, alkali and acid in the air. In addition, outdoor screen users need to query the viewing distance of the audience, the height of the display screen, and the direction of the sun.

⑥ Try to take photos of all the conditions encountered on the scene with cameras, and take photos of different points of view and different details in place.

⑦ Whether the user has special requirements, whether the project can be completed in case of special requirements, and the difficulty of the project.

⑧ If the construction is undertaken by the merchant, the detailed orientation of the steel market and the building materials market should also be known locally.

Special considerations for additional field screen:

(1) The display equipment is often exposed to the sun and rain in the field, and the wind blows the dust cover, so the operating environment is bad. If electronic equipment is wet or severely damped, it will cause short circuit and even fire, cause defects and even fire, and constitute loss.

(2) The display screen may be attacked by strong electricity and strong magnetism caused by lightning.

(3) The ambient temperature changes greatly. A certain amount of heat will occur during the operation of the display screen itself. Assuming that the ambient temperature is too high and the heat dissipation is poor, the integrated circuit may not work normally, or even be burned, so that the flash system cannot work normally.

Assuming that the operation process has not been arranged in advance, the business trip to a distant city for field survey will have a serious impact on the display equipment. At the very least, it will cause users some trouble and affect the company's effectiveness level. Not all displays need to be surveyed by the merchants themselves. Assuming that it is really inconvenient to go to the scene, according to the above conditions, after selecting the display screen and control system, users are required to cooperate to conduct the on-site survey if conditions permit. Perhaps the merchants can understand the site conditions through other ways.