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LED packaging production technology


Wafer bonding technology means that the production and packaging of wafer structures and circuits are carried out in the wafers, and then cut after packaging to form a chip; The corresponding wafer Die bonding means that after the wafer structure and circuit are completed on the wafer, the wafer is cut to form a bare chip, and then a single wafer is packaged (similar to the current LED packaging process). It is worth noting that the efficiency and quality of solid crystal packaging are higher. As the packaging cost accounts for a large proportion of the manufacturing cost of LED devices, changing the existing LED packaging form (from wafer bonding to wafer bonding) will greatly reduce the packaging manufacturing cost. In addition, wafer bonding packaging can also improve the cleanliness of LED device production, prevent damage to device structure caused by scribing and slicing process before bonding, and improve packaging yield and reliability, which is an effective way to reduce packaging.