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Composition of lamp beads of indoor LED display


LED display screen is a kind of diode (LED chip) made of gallium (Ga) and arsenic (As), phosphorus (P), nitrogen (N), indium (In) compounds by controlling the display mode of semiconductor light emitting diodes. When electrons and holes are combined, they can emit visible light, so they can be used to make light emitting diodes. It can be used as an indicator light in circuits and instruments, or as a text or digital display. Gallium arsenide phosphor diode emits red light, gallium phosphide diode emits green light, silicon carbide diode emits yellow light, indium gallium nitrogen diode emits blue light, and white light and yellow light.

Now, with the advent of the 21st century intelligent era, and with the growing development of the market economy, there are more and more LED display manufacturers on the market. The LED screens of the product categories are dazzling, and the quality problems of various LED displays also come one after another. Therefore, when selecting the display screen, users must consider the comprehensive strength, product quality, after-sales service, etc. of LED screen manufacturers. Shenzhen RGX (Provision) Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is positioned as a "trusted supplier of large screen", and has worked hard in the LED industry. The company's products are widely used in advertising display, data visualization and conference screen to provide customized LED display system one-stop solutions for governments, judiciary, military, radio and television, transportation, enterprises and other customers around the world. Always adhere to the business philosophy of serving customers wholeheartedly